Movierulz is one of the most desired websites in India that widely searched by the audience for watching movies. You will be surprised by hearing that this portal ranks in the top 100 websites in India. Movierulz website is quite famous for Indian websites. Viewers can find any movie online on this portal and can watch them for free.

Watch Movies online on Movierulz

Watching movies either in theatre or on tv or in online is great entertainment for anyone. But it is quite difficult to watch all the movies in the theatres as it burns your pocket. So, I will watch only selective movies in theatres and the remaining movies online. However, enthusiasts like me want to watch the movie as soon as it releases in theatres. That is where the Movierulz portal helps us to watch movies, web series, cricket, sports etc. As soon as a new movie is released in the theatre or on the OTT platforms, Movierulz website uploads them onto their website.

Download Movies from Movierulz

One big problem, I have observed on the Movierulz platform is its annoying ads which make it hard to watch the movie. These adverts automatically open and interrupts us from watching the movie. We have to close these adverts and resume again. That is why I prefer to download and watch the movie on my mobile or laptop. If you are concerned about these advertisements, you too can use the download option and watch the movie.

Movierulz Web Series

In the lockdown, web series has become quite popular. Many popular actors are acting in the web series and entertaining us. Movierulz also started uploading these web series on their site as many viewers are interested in watching them, If you are a web series enthusiastic then you will enjoy it a lot.

Movierulz Movies

Movies are the most popular and at the same time most searched ones in India. There are many websites where you can watch these movies for free and my first choice is the Movierulz portal where at a single place I can find all the latest movies that I love to watch. This website is very well organized and makes it easy for the audiences to find out what they are looking for. I am glad that I have come across this amazing website.

Movierulz Categories

Organizing movies into categories is very difficult and not an easy task. Movies can be categorized based on the film director, hero, heroine, actors, year of release, language, genre, and many other segments. Movierulz has simplified this just by categorized based on the language. This is very easy for the Movierulz team to maintain and upload the films on their website.

I will touch base on the top three categories on the Movierulz portal that are mostly watched by the Indian film lovers

Movierulz TollyWood Movies

Tollywood is the industry name of Telugu language movies and is the #1 in South India and #2 in India. All-time Industry hit movies like Bahubali are produced by the Tollywood industry. Recent movies like Krack, Red have become successful and still running successfully in the theatres.

Movierulz KollyWood Movies

The Tamil film industry is also known as Kollywood stood #2 in South India. Popular hit films like Robo directed by the Shankar master are quite famous in entire South India.

Movierulz BollyWood Movies

Bollywood refers to films that are directed in the Hindi language. Even though it is a big industry in India, the directors are not capable of directing good movies. Almost 95% of the films are flop and has a weak storyline. Due to the huge number of audiences watching Bollywood films, the films are able to sustain.

Now you know the Movierulz website and how popular it is in India. You can watch all the latest films on this website for free.